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Perugia Turismo

Fiera dei Morti

1- 5 November of each year
Pian di Massiano and Centro Storico

The historic and traditional Fair and Market that takes place usually the first five days of November.

The "Fiera dei Morti" is considered the biggest and most important Fair of Perugia.

It dates back to medieval times when its name was “All Saints Fair”, taking place in the period of that religious holiday. It was within a rich calendar of fair and market activities in Umbria, during the Middle ages and the Renaissance. Only from the XVII Century the Fair will take the name of “the Fair of the deceased” and since the XIX Century it will become the "Fair of the Dead”.

At the moment the Fair is meant as a huge market, with more than 500 stands, from clothing to household articles, from craft works to food and drink with typical products of the different Regions of Italy and quality craftworks of the twin cities of Perugia.

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