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Convento of San Francesco al Monte

Via Monteripido, 8

Ancient Franciscan Convent

It is a fortified convent erected by the end of XIII Century on the site of the hermitage where Beato Egidio, monk and friend of San Francesco, lived for more than thirty years. Subsequently it became  the second urban Franciscan settlement and a prestigious “Studium Generale” of the Ordine dell'Osservanza (Order of the Observance), established by Bernardino da Siena.

The church, built in 1858, comprehend a an oratory (XVI Century) dedicated to the Virgin Mary by Orazio di Bevignate Alessi, from Perugia. Once rich with Renaissance art works (Spagna, Perugino), it was deprived of most of his masterpieces after the acquisition of church properties by the Unified Italian Sate; still there frescos of the XIV Century and some altarpieces of the collowing centuries.  

The church shows also a work of the peruginian Gerardo Dottori, painted in 1923.

Through the cloisters, among which the XV Century one named after San Bernardino, you get to the oratory of the Beato Egidio, whith a Crucifixion of a Maestro of Umbria of the XIV Century, showing a representation of the same Egidio

The convent of San Francesco al Monte has a precious library of the XVII Century, designed by Pietro Carrattoli.

Wheelchair not accessible

Info: tel. +39 075 42210 - +39 075 40679


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