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Chiesa of San Fortunato (San Fortunato Church)

Piazza Braccio Fortebraccio (between Via Pinturicchio and via Bartolo)

Churches and monasteries

Built before 1163, it shows its medieval phase on the Facade with a double sloped roof and a belfry. The restoration works of 1997, after the earthquake, have discovered frescoes  of the XIII and XIV Centuries.

It has been reconstructed in 1634 after the settlement of the “Padri Silvestrini” coming from S. Maria Nuova. Today, it shows a portal with a round arch under a rose window and an earthenware mullion window.

Inside a single nave, decorated with wooden gilded altars of the XVII Century,  with statues of French taste by Leonard Chailleau (also known as Leonardo Scaglia), a French artist working in Rome and in the Region Marche. At the end of the choir a painting by the mannerist artist Silla Piccinini (also known as Scilla Pecennini)  painted in 1585, with the Madonna with San Fortunato and San Giorgio.

In 2017, after long restoration works. It has been reopened.

Opening Hours: the church is generally open on Saturday mornings between 10:00 am and 12:30 pm
Visit upon reservation

Info: +39 380 8914338

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