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Chiesa della Compagnia della Buona Morte (Church of the Company of Good Death)

Piazza Piccinino, 3

Churches and Monasteries

The Company, founded in 1570 with the aim of giving a decent burial to destitute people, promoted the building of the Church in 1575. The works, by Bino Sozi  based on the project by Vincenzo Danti, were completed only after 1600.

It bestows a Greek cross plan and a dome above a high lantern tower. It shows a rich mannerist portal of 1606, surmounted by a classic entablature with metopes of circles and triglyphs. The interior has been renovated in the XVIII Century; here paintings and stuccos by Francesco Busti, Cristoforo Gasperi and Antonio Maria Garbi (XVIII Century). Above the main altar a painting with all saints of the XVII Century by Felice Pellegrini inside a carved and gilded frame.

Info: Parish of S. Andrea and S. Lucia tel. +39 075 5720631

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