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Chiesa and former Cloister of Santa Maria Assunta in Monteluce

Piazza Monteluce

From Benedictine to “Clarisse Damiane” nuns

The parish Church was a Benedictine cloister in XIII and later it hosted the “Clarisse Damiane” nuns. It was a great Cloister Complex for different Centuries but, after the Unity of Italy it was reduced due to the settlement of S. Maria della Misericordia Hospital in ‘900.

The façade of the Church, dating back to1451, is covered by pink marble tile put in white squares. It has a geminate portal with circular curve and gates with mannerist incisions of XVI-XVII Century representing the Virgin Mary, S. Chiara, S. Francesco and S. Bernardino. The one-nave inner has decorated walls with a Franciscan subject matter cycle, one of the Peruginian most important work of Mannerism, probably dating back between 1602 and 1697. The “Incoronazione della Vergine” (Coronation of Virgin Mary), copy by Giovanni Silvagni (1831), is in the apse and replaces the original work by Giulio Romano e Giovan Francesco Penni, painted in Rome following Raffaello’s design, today in the Vatican Gallery.  Behind the apse is the ancient choir of the nuns: a gothic room decorated with frescoes of the art school of Umbria and Siena of the XIV Century.

On the 15th of August the Church celebrates the day of Santa Maria Assunta.

Opening Hours: 7:15 am - 12:30 pm ; 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Wheelchair accessible

Info: tel. +39 075 5720708 (parish of Monteluce)

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