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Chiesa and complex of Santa Giuliana

Via B. Orsini, 3

The Cistercian monastery

The female Cistercian monastery, founded in 1253, was one of the richest religious complex of the city. The church has a façade, in pink and white marble, from the XVI Century and a Gothic rose-window portal.

In the interior, with a single nave with wooden trusses preserves remains of the original painted Decorations and on the triumphal arches remains of XIII and XIV Centuries frescos.

The former monastery, today site of the Scuola di Lingue Estere dell’Esercito (Italian Army Language School) has a splendid cloister, attributed to Matteo di Gattapone and considered one of the finest sample of cistercian architecture in Italy; it is characterized by ample white arcades on octagonal pillars pink and white striped with some figurative Roman capitals original of the previous cloister.

Opening Hours:
The church: on Sundays and religious holidays, during the religious services 11:00 am – 12:00 pm.
Monastery: visit upon request (at least two days before)

Wheelchair partly accessible
Free entrance

Info: Italian Army Language School tel +39 075 5750511 – 57505203

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