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Castle and Hamlet of Collestrada

Hamlets and Castles

The hamlet of Collestrada is on the top of a hill near to the Tiber river and an important intersection of streets that, since the Roman Age, divided toward the four Cardinal directions.

In 1202, the castle of Collestrada was subdued to Perugia and the same year it was field of the battle between Perugia and Asissi troops, during which Francesco d’Assisi was imprisoned ailing for more than a year and, on that occasion, decided to change his lifestyle and do charity. He stopped over again in Collestrada in 1216, coming back from the visit to the Pope.

Today, the castle on the top of a hill, is reachable through a pine boulevard. Some sections of walls, the entrance to the historic centre and a tower, transformed into a bell tower, are the remains of the original structure.

“Colle della Strada”
was known for the big hospital of San Lazzaro, which hosted pilgrims, established around 1099. In 1228, Gregory IX put it under the jurisdiction of the Holy See and during the XIII Century it was fortified. In the course of the XIV century the hospital was repeatedly damaged by the Pope army, in war with Perugia, until it was annexed to Santa Maria della Misericordia hospital of Perugia in 1524. The hamlet was recently renovated and it is encircled by XIV century city walls.

Collestrada wood, remaining of an ancient forest, according to some rumours it is a unusual and mysterious, witness of many events during history. It is said that in the wood walked saints and criminals, nobles and peasants, and also spiteful sprites.

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