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Castello di Monterone

The Castle of Monterone, on the way that goes from Perugia to Assisi, is placed in an area where, since the Etruscan age, there were several necropolis. Early sources witnessing its existence date back to the XIII Century, when the Templar knights had their seat in the close San Bevignate complex and used the castle to host their pilgrims and servants till the dissolution of the order, in 1312. 

From an architectonic point of view, Its adaptation in the present neo-gothic style was ordered by the architect Alessandro Piceller by the end of the XIX Century and it was opened in 1899. Piceller didn’t only recover the original medieval structure enlarging it, but he enriched it with various elements of different styles and times, gathered by the Architect who was also an antiquarian. For instance the inner yard, closed by columns with marble capitals was decorated with Etruscan bas- relief and urns. The eclectic and romantic taste, derived from the recovery of elements from different past ages and  from the use of different materials, render Monterone Castle a unique place, strongly differing from other coeval example.

Among the paintings, to be remembered are those by Matteo Tassi, the same artist who decorated the Sala dei Notari in Palazzo dei Priori, and the fresco taken from a road tabernacle, attributed to Cristoforo di Jacopo da Foligno (XV Century).

During the WWII the Castle was deeply damaged but today, after imposing restauration works, it has become Époque residence.

Info: Castello di Monterone - Residenza d'epoca - Strada Montevile, 3 - Tel: +39 075 5724214

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