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Castello di Antognolla

Hamlets and Castles

The Castle of Antognolla, on the north slopes of Monte Tezio, owns its name to one of the most  ancient and noblest family from Perugia, the Antognolla or Antognolli, who lived in Porta Santa Susanna district since the XII Century.

The date when the Castle was built is not exactly certain; the first written notation on it date back to 1174, when the existence of a monastery dedicated to St Peter is reported, monastery of which only a crypt dedicated to St Agata remains.

A real milestone of the castle is the” bolla pontificia” (Papal Bull) of 1399 with which Pope Bonifacio IX made of the so-called county of Antognolla a real feud, giving it to Ruggero di Antognolla and his heirs, for services rendered to the Holy See.

Between the XV and XVI Centuries, the Castle saw many plots and sieges due to the struggle for supremacy of the various noble Peruginian families. In 1480, it was conquered by the Baglioni family, lords of Perugia, because of the opposition to their rule by  Niccolò Antognolla. For this very reason both Bernardino and  Ieronimo di Antognolla took part in XVI century  to the slaughter of the Baglioni. Due to this, one of them was beheaded and the other sent to exile till 1523. The Antognolla Family owned the Castle till 1605.

In 1628, the Castle and the whole county was  bought by the nobleman Cornelio Oddi from Berardino, Cesare, Nicolò and Fermo Antognolla, rendering it a holiday resort.

The Oddi owned the Castle till 1836, when it was acquired by the Marquee Giovanni Battista Guglielmi. He changed the castle considerably in order to make it a as well as a holiday place. In 1921, the Guglielmi family sold the property to the IFI society (Istituto Finanziario Industriale – Industrial and Financial Institute) of the Agnelli Family.

Recently it has been renovated and transformed into a luxury hotel.

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