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Castello dell’Oscano

Hamlets and Castles

The Castle of Oscano derives its name from a river rising  in Monte Tezio. The first written sources of the original manor date it back to 1364, when troops from the Vatican State came from Tuscany invading the area of Perugia, devastating it. At the time the whole area around Cenerente – and therefore also that of the Oscano – was considered strategic, being a crossroads of important roads linking Umbria to the Regions Tuscany and Marche.

On old ruins of a castle, around the XVII Century, a rustic villa was built. After several different owners, during the second half of the XIX Century, it became the property of the renown Peruginian lawyer Alessandro Bianchi who, in 1895, having to front pecuniary difficulties, sold it to the counts Ada Hungerford and Giuseppe Telfner, who are those who decided for the present neo gothic aspect of the Palace, according to a well-known fashion of the times.

The renovation works lasted 10 years and it is possible that the count Telfner himself, an engineer, made the project. At the beginning of the XX Century Countess Ada used to invite important names of the Italian and Bavarian culture, making the Castle an important cultural centre; it was in fact also for this reason often imitated both for its architecture and the Park’s structure and for the different tree varieties. The castle was also a real workshop for botanic experiments, done even later on in time by the following owners (Contessa Natalie Vitetti).

The structure is “L” shaped with a main rectangular building with a tower at each side, one circular and one squared, and a smaller building with a portico and another tower. Relics of the original structure are still visible in the minor stairs of the castle. In the surrounding area is Villa Ada, initially a hunting house, with stable in the basement, and rooms for the domestics on the higher floors.

Today, after having changed several different owners, it has definitely become an accommodation facility – époque house, managed by the Temperini family, since 1975.



The Castle is in SpoSi a Perugia project.

Info: Castello dell'Oscano, Strada Forcella, 37 I, Cenerente (PG) - Tel. +39 075 584371

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