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Perugia Turismo

Bertold Brecht Theatre

The contemporary Shape

Opened in 2009, the Brecht Theatre has been built in the populated district of San Sisto, subject to important urban and social changes.

It is placed next to the Sandro Penna Library and is the result of an important economic investment of the Municipality in order to give the city a new modern and functional space, a cultural pole that, along with the library, can give new impetus to the neighbourhood.

The artistic, technical and managing direction was given to the historic theatre company "La Fontemaggiore - Teatro Stabile di Innovazione", founded by Giampiero Frondini, working in the regional area since almost sixty years and that today mainly deals with Theatre for Children and Contemporary Theatre.

Wheelchair accessible

Datasheet:  332 seats, (264 stalls plus two places for wheelchairs and 68 seats in the first gallery).
Facilities: bar - Foyer, wardrobe – heating and air conditioning. The stage is 14,80x10,00 m, it has a proscenium of 9,00 m, 1,10 m high over the stalls.  

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