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Perugia Turismo

Auditorium Marianum G. Frescobaldi

Corso Cavour, 184

Notes in Borgobello

It is located in the former parish church of Santa Maria di Colle, restored in the XVIII Century by the architect Alessio Lorenzini, the same who renovated the “F. Morlacchi” theatre in Perugia.

The welcoming ambient is designated as concert hall since 1961, when was provided of a Mascioni pipe organ composed by 1375 organ pipes, 3 keyboards and a pedalier. Two pianos allow very interesting artistic executions that make the auditorium an excellent place for chamber music. Every year it houses “concert seasons”, artistic and cultural meetings and conferences.

The auditorium also preserves painting of XVII and XVIII century, by Benedetto Bandiera, Giacomo Boccanera, Cristoforo Gasperi, Vincenzo Monotti. The management is entrusted to the musical diocesan institute “G. Frescobaldi”.

Wheelchair accessible.

Info: tel. +39 075 5736171
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