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Arco dei Tei – Arch of the Tei Family

From via Pinturicchio to largo Porta Pesa

Also known as "Porta Pesa" - Weigh Gate

It is a City gate dating back to the XII-XIII centuries, made of sand stone and with a pointed arch. It belongs to the Medieval Walls. It is East-oriented, in the Porta Sole District and is named after the Tei family, living in the district.

Between the XIII and XIV Century, external walls were built to perpendicularly enclose the alleys outside the first walls. During the XIX Century the later section of the walls was destroyed to permit the construction of the excise buildings and gates, demolished in the XX Century. The gate and the adjacent area is called “Porta Pesa” (in italian “peso” = weight) due to the presence of the weighing machine for wagons. 

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