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Arco dei Gigli – Arch of Liliums

Via Bontempi

Also known as “Porta Sole”  Sun Gate

East-oriented, it is one of the five gates of the Etruscan City walls. As the other Etruscan gates, it maintains the original quoins in travertine, while the arch was replaced with a pointed one in the XIII Century.  

On the right side of the external façade, are the remains of the original round arch. It is also called “Porta Sole”, as the destroyed ancient door, and “Arco dei Montesperelli” (Arch of Montesperelli), from the noble family living nearby.

Below the Arch passed the Etruscan-Roman street (Decumanus), which became one of the five Royal Streets towards Porta Sole District’s outskirt.

From 1535, after the visit of Pope Paul III farnese, the Arch was called “del Giglio” (of Lilium), symbol of his family.

The original Coat of Arms of the Arch and District is the Sun, linked to the white colour of the background light and the flour coming from the mill near the Tiber River. 

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