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Puppet Theatre Perugia

Via del Castellano 2/a

The Magic of puppets

The theatre was opened in 2012 following the renovation works of the Municipality on an historic building, already used by the theatre company Tieffeu Teatro Figura Umbro, with the target of creating in Perugia a Puppet theatre centre.

The building, dating back after the unity of Italy, was originally a stable of the Savoy Army, close to San Domenico Convent. During the XX Century it became a little theatre and a parish cinema; in the ‘70s a workshop of the Polish Puppeteer Roman Ukleja,  till the Tieffeu relieved in the ’80s.

The building has a room with 98 seats, proper for this kind of theatre, a Puppet Museum, a didactic room, both for workshop activities with students and for training courses, and an organizational basis of “Figuratevi, the International Festival of Puppets”. 

Within two theatre season, several happenings are organized both for children and families and adults.

Wheelchair accessible

Info: TIEFFEU Teatro Figura Umbro – tel. +39 075 5725845 - +39 075 5730826

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