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Perugia Turismo

Toys and Games Museum

Strada Perugia - San Marco (ex Fornace Galletti)

The Evolution of Games and Toys. Do you want to know the toys of grandparents, greatgrandsparents and great-greatgrandparents? A magic place where children and adults can see them, touch them, use them.

The Museum collects about 2.000 vintage toys from 1800 until now. The itinerary winds in a 300 square meter bright space organized in different contents: popular toys, working toys, science fiction toys, show, shadow play and school world.

Over the stable toys and vintage playing exhibition, there is an open space for workshops, where children can experience different activities: toys construction, paper-folding, pictures experience workshop, theater, nib writing and blackboard drawing.

A space is dedicated to the shadow theater, to the shows of the magic lantern and to the first cinema: a real little theater inside the museum. Moreover, the museum provides  the possibility to house theatrical

Opening Hours: Each Sunday afternoon 4 pm - 6:00 pm
Sundays of February are dedicated to Carnival: guided tours, play activities and special shows will animate our afternoons. At about 4:15 pm the guided tour starts; at 5:00 pm the workshop for children (Max 20 partecipants; reservations are strongly suggested), or a show.

Guided and didactical tours: workshops for children and primary schools; secondary schools and adults

Activities at museum: magic lantern shows, projections, education to motion picture training courses for teachers, workshops in schools: theaters and dance.
Activities at schools: workshops of theaters and dance

Wheelchair accessible

Info: tel. +39 348 5412637 - +39 340 7936887


During COVID 19 Emergency period (June to start with) the opening hours will be as follows:
Sundays h. 4:00 pm - 6:30. Two turns: the first at h. 4:30 pm, the second at 5:30 pm

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