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Città della Domenica, a park for families

Via col di Tenda, 140 Ferro di Cavallo

Shows, nature and having fun are the key words for the first-born Italian Family Park. Città della Domenica is the ideal natural park for families and people of all ages that wish to spend a cheerful and funny day among nature and animals.

Fallow-deers, mouflons and squirrels live free within the enchanted woods of the park; along the paths, children can have a direct contact with farm animals, with European specimens of protected species and meet the mascot of the park, the lovely White donkey, saved from extinction.

In the park, visitors can also re-live the most beloved fairy tales and visit the houses of princesses, magicians and magic gnomes. All along the route of the park the historic Train will stop in the Old West, close to the Fort Apache, where the legendary cowboys will entertain visitors with funny adventures, but also in the Medieval area to meet brave knights and attend to quaintness and hilarious duels.Finally, on the way out, visitors can visit the Reptilarium, one of the most important in Europe, within which are recreated habitats for alligators, crocodiles and many species of snakes including some of the most poisonous in the world.

It is also possible to follow an evolutionary path between fossils and bones of mammoth. The entrance fee for the Reptilarium is reduced for all visitors to the park.

Info on time schedule, entrance fees, didactical labs and promotions are available from the contacts below.
The park is partly wheelchair accessible.

Info: tel +39 075 5054941
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