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Dry cake made of almonds, the Torciglione is shaped like a coiled snake.

It comes from the Lake Trasimeno area, but has become in time highly appreciated also in our town. In times past was eaten during the Christmas festivities till new year’s eve. Today it can be found all year round.

(Accademia Italiana della Cucina di Perugia)

: 6

500 gr sweet almonds, 30 gr bitter almonds, 400 sugar cubes, 100 gr vanilla sugar, one lemon, 80 gr  potato starch, 100 gr pine nuts, 50 gr di candied cherries, 3 egg whites.

Dip the almond in boiling water, take them out after a little time, peel them and place them briefly in warm oven to dry them. Crush them in a wooden mortar together with sugar, place all on the pastry board, add the potato starch, the grated lemon peel, the vanilla sugar and two egg whites a little whipped. Knead the dough briefly, roll it 25 cm long, make one end look like the head of a snake. Line the mold with wafer and place on it the rolled dough. AS this tends to become bigger while cooking, leave ample space in between the curves. Whip the remaining egg white shortly and using a little brush film it on the dough. Insert the pine nuts all over leaving half of them protruding outside alternating them with the cherries. For the eyes place two coffee beans, With a knife cut the mouth and place in it a little cherry. Put the mold in a moderately warm oven (160°) for about three quarters of an hour.

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