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It is a sweet typical of Christmas holidays, with a characteristic rhomboid shape, full of sugar and pine nuts. It can be white, with vanilla, or black, with chocolate.

(Accademia Italiana della Cucina di Perugia)

Persons: 4


350 gr sugar, 150 gr pine nuts, half lemon

Place the pine nuts in hot oven (180°) for some minutes to dry them. In a pot put sugar and 150 gr of water, let it boil and take out of the fire when it makes a ribbon if lifted with a spoon. Mix with the pine nuts and the grated lemon peel. Place immediately on a wet marble surface and level with a knife blade. Before it is definitely cold cut t into pieces to be wrapped in coloured papers as candies. The pinoccate can have also a taste of chocolate substituting with bitter chocolate the grated lemon peel

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