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Librarians accompany groups of students or visitors - maximum 20-25 people - offering guided tours to present the organization of the rooms, the heritage, the special funds, the catalogs’ consultation, the bibliographical research’s tools, the services available.

_Visits about particular research topics or lessons for high school or university students, using the funds and documents held by the library, can be arranged

In Biblionet, San Matteo degli Armeni, Sandro Penna and Villa Urbani

_ Reading activities and animation, the Valigia del narrator, for kindergarten kids, elementary and middle schools, as part of children's  promozione della lettura can be requested


Reservations are needed and can be made in person directly at the library, or by email or post.


According to the Service Charter Delivery times: appointment to make the visit within 20 days of the request

Info: Augusta, Francesca Grauso tel. +39 0755772516

Info: Biblionet tel. +39 0755772938

Info: San Matteo degli Armeni tel. +39 0755773560  

Info: Sandro Penna, Nicoletta Mencarini tel. +39 0755772943 | Grazia Angeletti tel. +39 0755772942 | 

Info: Villa Urbani, Gaia Rossetti tel. +39 0755772963 


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