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Rules of loan and culture transport

If you have registered to the library services you can loan
maximum 8 volumes
_dvds: maximum 5

The following content are ruled out of loan
_periodical and encyclopaedia
_works before 1951
_ancient and special collections, for example the Local Section
_works positioned in the reading and consultation rooms in Augusta Library
_graduation thesis and doctorates, typewritten or unpublished documents
_works in insecure conservation condition, big or small format volumes
_publications with editorial features  
_multimedia, before that 24 months from its realisation are expired  (Law 633/1941 art. 69)
For this content you can ask for the consultation in the library.

Duration of the loan
30 days, extendable for another 15
_dvds: 7 days, extendable for another 7

The extension is not allowed if at the time of the loan expiration there is a reservation of another user for the same volume.

The extension can also be requested by phone or email


+39 075 5772513


+39 075 5772938

San Matteo

degli Armeni

+39 075 5773560

Sandro Penna

+39 075 5772941

Villa Urbani

+39 075 5772960

Culture transport
From each Municipal Library you can reserve documents from other libraries and ask for the delivery in the library you prefer within 3 working days.
You will be advise by phone to pick it up.

Books and multimedia materials are included in the Transportation.
Old Fund documents and some sections of the Augusta Library are excluded.

Delay and penalty
_the content you get on loan must be returned on time and in good condition
_if you pass the expiration date you will be suspended from the loan service for one month, starting from the day of restitution. The user who will pass the expiration date will receive a request of the return by email or letter

_if the delay of restitution exceeds 60 days the suspension from the service increases proportionally
_if the delay concerns interlibraries loan and exceeds 15 days then you will be suspended for 3 months
_in case of big delay you will be suspended from all the Municipality library. In case of serious or repeated episodes the user could be excluded from loan services
_ if the document is lost or damaged, and in any case the user is not able to return it, it must be re-purchased for the library or, if it is no longer on the market, it must be substituted with another of the same value specified by the library 

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