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Perugia Turismo


Why register:
The library has free access.  You need the registration and the card only for some services

– loan,

- interlibrary loan,

- digital library,

- ancient books and manuscripts consultation,

- internet.

The card is free, personal and with the name of the owner. Every Municipality Library can provide you with a card.

The inscription gives also the right to:
- the use of the services of the Libraries of the Integrated Library System:  Biblioteca della Deputazione di storia patria per l'Umbria, la Biblioteca delle Nuvole, la Biblioteca Palmira Federici e la Biblioteca Circolo Amerindiano
- Access to the Libraries (Biblioteche) of the University of Perugia

Who can register:

- people who reside in Umbria
- people who can provide documentary evidence of study or work in Perugia, furnishing the reason and the period of permanence. University students have to redo their card every academic year.

You need:
- valid identity card
- Fill in the registration form (pdf download)

People under  18 years (under 18 pdf download) need one of the parents or a guardian.
In Augusta, library card is not available for children under 14 years.

It is possible to have a temporary card, valid for 3 months even for non-residents:

- For the consultation of ancient books and manuscripts in Augusta and internet

- in other libraries for lending and  Internet

Upon entering the library, a card or identity document can be requested for statistical registration.

According to the Service Charter Delivery time: within 30 minutes

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