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Potsdam has been twinned with Perugia  since 1990.   The city is the capital of the Federal State of Brandenburg and  is located approximately 30 Km from Berlin.  It has a  population of about 160.000 inhabitants.

In the 17th Century the prince-elector of Brandenburg, Frederick William, wanted to build his second legal residence in this place, at the time unknown, immersed in the wild land of Brandenburg. The prince’s choice marked the beginning of two Centuries of a great urban activity: the best architects, designers, painters and sculptors worked for the development of the city.

One of the  most popular attractions in Potsdam is the wonderful Sans Souci Palace whose construction was ordered by Frederick II “the Great”,  King of Prussia, to be a pleasure residence: “sans souci”, meaning ‘ without worries’ in French.

International exchanges and influences have left their mark on the way of life and have stimulated the architectural development. The Dutch Quarter, in the historical centre, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. It  is home to  many as well as characteristic craft shops, antiques, friendly cafes and typical restaurants.

Babelsberg Quarter, in the suburbs of Potsdam, is  home to Babelsberg Film Studio one of the oldest European Film Institutes and today    an internationally renowned center for film and television production.

The  city  is characterised by the harmony between architecture and nature: old palaces and castles surrounded by parks, gardens and plenty of lakes fed by the river Havel with its bays, peninsulas and islands.

Potsdam is a marvellous monumental city whose parks and palaces are inscribed on the  UNESCO World Heritage list.  It  is also a university town, dynamic and  culturally vibrant.

(Translated by International Relations Office)

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