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Arte al centro - Art at the very centre

Siena-Perugia axis for tourism

With the aim of the relaunch of both tourism and economy in their own territories, the Municipalities of 

Two great art cities, considered among the most beautiful capitals of the Middle Ages, decided to join forces and bestow to tourists a unique and integrated offer. The two historic cities, well connected also thanks to the highway A1 (driven in only 1 hour and 20 minutes by car), have built an important alliance, cantered mainly on the focus of the promotion of the destination, fostering the economic and touristic recovery of the territories.  

Perugia Municipality has started a series of contact and meetings Siena Municipality, in order to promote together integrated ad-hoc policies of tourism promotion for the two cities, starting a cooperation between the two destinations and their territories to relaunch ad strengthen the touristic and Cultural attraction

Considering the several similitudes of the two territories, this cooperation will certainly create a complete offer for the tourist attracted by art cities and by experiential tourism. The aim of the Siena-Perugia axis for Tourism “Arte al centro - Art at the very Centre”  is that of creating a tourist joint offer able of improve the appeal of the tourist destinations and of lengthening the permanence of the tourists in the territories.

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