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Perugia Turismo


If you have registered to the library services you can have free internet connection.

_at the moment of the registration you will receive the username, password and rules for the internet access

_at the first access it is suggested to change the password
_the staff of the library will help you in the internet activation
_you can access to the internet two hours a day
_internet connection for people under 18 should be authorised by parents or whom on their behalf

You can

_use the computer for consulting library’s dvds and other multimedia material owned by the library

_ use some of the most popular computer programs
_save file on the usb memory
_print black and white copies of documents under payment

_in august, it is possible to consult microfilms and microfiches


_if you have a wifi device - pc, smartphone or tablet – you can free surf for two hours a day, even if not consecutive, within the library’s room
_you have to connect to Umbria Wifi with a simple online registration

Responsability and obligation

_Internet connection mustn’t be use against the law: you will be civil and penal responsible for the use of this service. You will be responsible for eventual hardware or software damages
_following the law, the library have to conserve a copy of the identity card of the users who surf on the internet

_the libraries have the discretion to apply restriction filters
_the libraries reserve the right to report the user to the competent Authorities for any illicite or illegal activities carried out

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