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Interlibrary loan (ILL)

If you have registered to the library services you can benefit from the national and international Inter Library Loan and the service of Document Delivery.


_the interlibrary loan, as the ordinary loan, is strictly personal
_at the moment of the request you mustn’t have expired loans or have current suspensions
_fill in a form in one of the municipality library and leave a deposit of 5€ for the expedition cost and for potential costs required by the lending library
_if the research produce a negative outcome or the material is not reachable at all, the deposit will be returned to the user.
_you can ask for a cost estimation
_it is possible to cancel the request only if it has not reached the lending library 

Time of delivery

_the requests are evaluated daily by the responsible of the ILL service in Augusta library from Monday to Friday and processed within 12 days in reference also to the limits of the Service Card
_the delivery time is dictated by the lending library and the post al service. Usually the material is delivered after 10 days from the request.
_is it possible to state a deadline for the delivery of the documents in the form: the date should be taken into consideration from the staff of the library and in case of impossibility to respect the request, you will be warned


_The documents you receive can be consulted as usual, home delivery loan included. The lending libraries can allow the consultation only in library.
_the documents or books you get on loan must be returned on time or you will be suspended from the loan service for 3 month, starting from the day of restitution
_in case of a big delay you could be excluded from loan
_you will be personally responsible for the loss or damage of documents you get on loan
_it is possible to extend the loan 1 week before the expiration date. Address the request to:
 tel. +39 0755772520/2513 or  |
your request will be sent to the lending library for the authorization
_the rules of the request and the deposit are the same if the documents you want is in a foreign library 
_the time and costs can alter and they will be evaluated with the user when the request is made.

For foreign libraries 


_it is necessary to send a loan request to, indicating the collocation and inventory number of the book, or SBN code. The Augusta library code is UM101-PG109
_A cost reimbursement is required by means of voucher IFLA or stamps: € 4,00 if the package is up to 2 kg /€ 6,30 if the package is heavier than 2 kg
The deliveries from foreign libraries are ruled by Poste Italiane as indicate in its website
_The return must be made only by registered mail or express courier

Document Delivery

This service allows to ask the copy of a documents, newspaper or monographs, both in paper or digital, to other libraries.
It follows the laws concerning public domain and its restrictions, in addiction to limitations evaluated by the staff of the library, based on the condition of the documents.

_fill in a form in one of the municipality library and give a deposit of € 2,00
_indicate in the form all the bibliographical information
_this service follows the same rules of the interlibrary loan

 For foreign libraries

_it is necessary to send a document’s copy request to, indicating SBN code. The Augusta library code is UM101-PG109
_the copies will be elaborated after receiving the payment 

Info: Augusta library – Interlibrary loan office

via delle Prome, 15 - 06122 Perugia – Italy
tel. ++39 0755772520 / fax ++39 0755772515


via Segoloni, 15 - 06135 Ponte San Giovanni - Perugia – Italy
tel. ++39 0755772938 / fax ++39 075396758 |


Info: San Matteo degli Armeni library

via Monteripido, 2 - 06125 Perugia – Italy
tel. ++39 0755773560 /

Info: Sandro Penna library

viale San Sisto - 06156 Perugia – Italy
tel. ++39 0755772941 / fax ++39 0755287386 | Grazia Angeletti


Info: Villa Urbani library

via Pennacchi, 19 - 06124 - Perugia – Italy
tel. ++39 0755772960 / fax ++39 0755722472
Gaia Rossetti  |  Daniela Chinea



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