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Firenze - Perugia – Assisi Itinerary

On a Pilgrimage along “via Ghibellina” and “via Tiberina”

The trekking itinerary Firenze - Perugia – Assisi is a visiting and pilgrimage path proposed by the "Comunità Toscana il Pellegrino" (Tuscan Comunity of the Pilgrim). It unwinds within the Regions Tuscany and Umbria, and it is composed by two streets: Via Ghibellina ( and Via Tiberina ( The first goes from Firenze to the “Santuario de La Verna” through Poppi (Historic itinerary of Conti Guidi’s Family). The second links the “Santuario de La Verna" with towns and cities like Chiusi della Verna, Caprese Michelangelo, Anghiari, Citerna, Monterchi, Lippiano, Santa Maria Tiberina, Umbertide, and reaches Assisi.

We would like to report along the Umbrian part of the itinerary San Salvatore Abbey in Montecorona placed near Umbertide, in the Municipality of Perugia. The itinerary then unwinds along the River Tevere from Ponte Pattoli, Villa Pitignano, to Ponte Felcino. Here you can visit “Bosco Didattico” (Educational Wood), a green naturalistic-environmental area owned by the Municipality.

Passing through the bridge of Ponte Valleceppi, on the right handside of the river, you can find Pretola. From there the path goes towards the centre of Perugia along the "Sentiero delle lavandaie" (Path of the washerwomen, starting by the Porta del Leone, thus named because the washerwomen of  Pretola used it for the withdrawal and delivery of the washing done or to be done. The itinerary borders the Monumental Cemetery of Perugia, close to the Templar Complex of San Bevignate.

Here we are in the Center when you can admire the main points of interest of the city: Piazza IV Novembre with its Fontana Maggiore, Palazzo dei Priori and the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.

Going backwards, the path goes towards Ponte San Giovanni, from Montevile, using the "Via di Roma o di San Francesco" (Rome itinerary or of San Francesco) and, crossing the Tevere, it gets to Assisi.

Below, the map with the complete itinerary and the main points of interest of the Perugia Area (blue pinpoints).


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