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Ancient Collection Consultation

If you have registered to the library services you can consult the documents of the Ancient Collection and the manuscripts owned by the Augusta Library.
People who don’t reside in Perugia can request the temporary card, 3 months of validity, and obtain the authorization to consult these documents.


_to consult a document conserved in the book stocks it is necessary to fill in a form and consign it at the distribution area
_within 1 day you can request up to 6 monographs and/or folders of newspapers and/or magazines
_you can reserve the same amount of documents for the day after
_the documents or books of the Ancient or special collection should be reserved in the morning to be consulted after h 2:00 pm or in the afternoon to be consulted the morning after (the pickup of documents takes place twice a day: at 8:00 am and at 1:30 pm)
_An online reservation it is possible to consult the documents of the Ancient Collection
_the request of the manuscripts takes place in the Conestabile Room with the filling in of a form
_the documents or works conserved in the external stocks should be requested at least one day before

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