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Perugia Turismo

1-day Tour of the Acropolis

Visiting Perugia

Piazza IV Novembre, Corso Vannucci, Piazza Italia, Giardini Carducci, Rocca Paolina, Via Sant’Ercolano, Via Oberdan, Piazza Matteotti, Via Volte della Pace, Piazza Piccinino, Piazza Danti, Via Ulisse Rocchi, Piazza Fortebraccio, Via Battisti, Piazza Cavallotti, Via Maestà delle Volte, Piazza IV Novembre.

The tour starts at Piazza IV Novembre, the main square in the heart of the city, with the Fontana Maggiore (1), Palazzo dei Priori (town hall) (2) inside which to be seen the halls Sala dei Notari (3) and Sala della Vaccara (4), and the Cathedral of San Lorenzo (5).

Continuing down Corso Vannucci, it is recommended that you take a look in the atrium of the Palazzo dei Priori, where the original statues of the Griffin and the Lion (6), the symbols of Perugia, are on display. The upper floors are the home of the Galleria Nazionale of Umbria (7). Also worth visiting in the Palazzo dei Priori along Corso Vannucci are the Collegio della Mercanzia (8) and the Collegio del Cambio (9).

At the end of the Corso Vannucci is Piazza Italia, bordered by Palazzo Donini (10), Palazzo Cesaroni (11) and the Province and Prefecture Palace (12). From the nearby Carducci Gardens (13) and the loggia of the Palazzo della Provincia you come to the escalators leading down into the Rocca Paolina (14), from which you exit by following Via Bagliona and through the Etruscan gate of Porta Marzia (15).

From Via Marzia, passing through the gardens where there is the Fountain of Neptune (16), you reach the Church of Sant'Ercolano (17), and then going back up through Porta Sant'Ercolano you come to Piazza Matteotti where there are the Ancient University Palace (18) and of the Capitano del Popolo Palace (19), built in the second half of the 15th century, and the Church of Gesù (20) with its three oratories.

The itinerary can then continue along Via Volte della Pace, a narrow covered street that follows the curve of the Etruscan walls on which it rests, until coming to Piazza Piccinino, the Etruscan Well (21) and the Palazzo Sorbello House Museum (22).

From Piazza Danti, going down along Via Ulisse Rocchi, you come to the Etruscan Arch (or Arch of Augustus) (23) on Piazza Fortebraccio, with the University for Foreigners in Palazzo Gallenga; from here, going up Via C. Battisti alongside a beautiful stretch of the Etruscan walls, you reach Piazza Cavallotti and, following Via Maestà delle Volte, you come back to Piazza IV Novembre.

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