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General notice

This website provides information for giving the people of Perugia, and users in general, access to basic information on the Commune of Perugia and municipal policies and actions in general, as well as all that concerning the culture, history and art of the town of Perugia.

Please bear in mind the following considerations regarding the material contained in the website:
- the website contains general information only which does not regard specific facts related to persons, organizations or subjects in general;

- given the technical time required for updating, the information contained in this site cannot be considered valid for legal purposes;

- the site may not be reproduced, even in part, without the previous authorization of the Commune of Perugia;

- the site may not be included in pages that use frames structures in other websites with a domain name other than, except in the case of previous authorization from the Commune of Perugia;

Although guaranteeing maximum diligence in monitoring, the Commune of Perugia accepts no responsibility regarding contents viewed through links to other websites;

The Commune of Perugia will reduce to a minimum any faults due to technical problems, taking every possible measure to avoid them, but it cannot rule out that the service may suffer from interruptions or be otherwise influenced by outside agents or actions aimed at obstructing access to and consulting of the site, and therefore it assumes no responsibility for the consequences that may derive from such agents or actions.

All information published in this website is subject to constant verification and control, in order to offer prompt, precise and accurate information service.

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