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Torre Strozzi

Strada della Parlesca - Loc. Solfagnano - Parlesca

Hamlets and Castles

Torre Strozzi – fortified military outpost – is in the neighborhood of the river Tevere (once a waterway) in a strategic and important position among the Papal State, Gubbio, Perugia, Città di Castello and Tuscany. Close by was also the ancient pilgrim way linking Assisi to Chiusi Della Verna.

The Tower, dating back to the XIII Century, derives its name from Giovanni Francesco Battista Strozzi, Duke of Bagnolo and Prince of Forano, who, according to a state register of 1715, was the owner of a piece of land named "Vocabolo il Sansugo … with a little vineyard and Tower, in the neighborhood of Pieve San Quirico".

In the following Centuries the Tower became a residence: windows were enlarged, slits closed, the coat made, built the ceilings and the cover of the last floor with a walkway. Today the Tower, of imposing dimensions, has a square base and develops in high for four floors.

After a long period of neglect and ruin, the present owner bought it in 1991 and made several restauration works together with the “Soprintendenza” of Perugia. Today it is an Historic Monument and Cultural and Contemporary Art Centre.

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