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Piazza Partigiani

Piazza Partigiani

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Perugia Capitale
  • The Nobile Collegio della Mercanzia (Merchants Guild) notify that the its art work Deposizione by Federico Barocci (1569), usually visible inside the Cathedral of San Lorenzo of Perugia, will be shown inside the Exhibition “L’eterno e il tempo tra Michelangelo e Caravaggio”  (Eternity and time between Michelangelo and Caravaggio) by the Musei of San Domenico ini Forlì, from 10 February to 17 June 2018.

  • An instrument to make accessible, also to blind people a significant part of the historic centre.

  • Submit your location for a videogame. Deadline 8 April 2018

  • One of San Francesco’s itineraries (the socalled  Via Lauretana) stops in Perugia, thanks to an initiative of Consorzio Francesco’s Ways, chaired by H.E. the Auxiliary Bishop  of Perugia-Città della Pieve Mons. Paolo Giulietti. 

  • More than  eleven thousands of visitors have decreased the success of the Exhibition of the works by  Gerardo Dottori, together with artworks by great  Belarusian artists, in little more than our week in Minsk.

  • The amazement of a refined visitor discovering places and glimpses to fall in love with