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Musìca - Un’Esperienza tutta da Sentire - Music, An Experience to be felt

Corso Garibaldi - Porta Sant'Angelo

Spread educational trail in Porta Sant’Angelo

Torre del Cassero of Porta Sant’Angelo – Corso Garibaldi
San Matteo degli Armeni – Strada Monteripido

A new educational trail between the Cassero and the Monumental Complex of San Matteo degli Armeni, with a golden thread -  History and Music. The trail will be a significant element of the enhancement of the District of Porta Sant’Angelo.

The Trail is part of the project “Musìca – Percorso didattico diffuso degli strumenti musicali antichi” (Musìca – Spread educational trail of ancient music instruments) by Perugia Municipality together with Associazione culturale Arte e Musica nelle terre del Perugino, thought to enhance, relive and spread the knowledge of the music of centuries past. 

In its present structuring the project aims at enhancing the educational aspects linked to ancient music, with the main target of schools, young musicians and professionals. In the monumental military site of medieval times divided into three levels, will be shown music instruments and original documents of different centuries, from the more recent to the most ancient ones, close to painting reproductions that clarify and contextualize them in the several different historical and social contexts. 

Workshops of violin making and restoration will be hosted inside the complex of San Matteo degli Armeni, where the trail goes on.

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Opening Hours:
Thursdays to Sundays h. 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
Saurdays and Sundays also h. 9:30 am - 12:30 pm; h. 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Free entrance  
Guided tours and workshops upon reservation

Info and reservation: tel. +39 329 6396295 - +39 328 9638830 

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