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Cantico Wine Route

The  ‘Cantico Wine Route’, passes through the Municipalities of Massa Martana, Todi, Fratta Todina, Monte Castello di Vibio, Collazzone, Marsciano, Perugia, Torgiano, Bettona, Cannara, Spello and Assisi and represents an origianal combination among atmospheres, colors, the magic and traditions of the most representative places of Umbria and the armony of their wines and their food specialities.

Perugia: coming from the south, in the territory of Perugia, one gets along theHill Route’ also known as the ‘Saints Route’, saints to which many places met along the route are dedicated, rich in historic and cultural heritage: Sant’Elena, San Valentino, Sant’Enea, San Fortunato, San Martino in Colle, with the ‘Wine and chestnuts Feast’, San Martino Delfico with the magnificent villa Alfani Silvestri of the XVIII Century, San Martino in Campo, former residence of the Donini family and the Oratory of the Madonnuccia, not forgetting localities like Boneggio and Pila.

Hilly landscape, wide, sunny, moulded by millenary agricultural activities, by the Etruscan and teh Benedectines, one of the best expression of the Umbria Green Heart, inspiring a feeling of peace and life. It is the land of the Doc Colli Perugini, enhancing the typical local vine varieties, (Grechetto, Trebbiano e Sangiovese) and where also varieties as Chardonnay or Merlot are well housed,for an enological activity that aims to challenge the international market starting from the local one.

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 Mappa Strada dei Vini del Cantico

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