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Burri. The Permanent Graphic Works

From 12 March 2017
Ex Seccatoi del Tabacco, Città di Castello, Perugia

Opening of the nue Museum

The complete graphic works by Burri, a new section of the biggest Artist’s museum of the world, in the former Tobacco Dryers (ex Seccatoi).

With the opening of the third Museo della Fondazione Palazzo Albizzini Collezione Burri, dedicated to the whole corpus of the graphic works by Alberto Burri, on 12 March  2017, on the occasion of his birth day, the “long” year of the centenaty from his birth is finished, and a new phase of the life of the Fondazione starts.

With this imposing amount of graphic works, the exhibition space for the guests of the ex Seccatoi gets to 11,500 sm. With the three different collections, including also the open air sculptures,, the  “Polo Burri” in Città di Castello is the most extended Artist Museum in the world, and one of the most important place in Europe for Contemporary art as well.

The new section, or Third Burri Museum, shows the complete graphic and multiple works of the artist, with more than 200 art works. This is an important side of Burri’s artistic production that sometimes foreruns, sometimes follows, or sometimes is made at the same time of his major works; it highlights his extraordinary manual skills  and his aptitude for constant experimentation. The execution of these art works together with great printers has placed the artist in varied productive cycles that show his aptitude to experimentation if compared to other artists of his generation, both in Italy and abroad.  

The Graphic Museum Burri is the conclusive act of the numerous initiatives of the Centenary, of momentous steps: the new edition of the General Catalogue, the completion of the Grande Cretto di Gibellina, the reconstruction of the Teatro Continuo in Milano, to mention only a few.

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